About Us

The Elegant Nomad was born in 2016, out of a love for travel and design. Charlotte and Matthew Tully launched the business as a means to share captivating and unique finds from around the world. They had both been dreaming of a venture for years, and this "passion project" quickly formed upon the heels of an inspirational trip taken together.

Hunting for that special piece is a challenge and an art form. Charlotte's interior design education and experience guide the aesthetic, while Matthew's business and marketing background enable the communication and platform. Partnering their skills, they source and sell product they believe is truly exceptional.

The Elegant Nomad is operated in Phoenix, Arizona and currently sells online and through select trade shows. The product has been sold around the world and featured on a handful of blogs. Launching in small batches, Charlotte and Matthew prefer to offer quality over quantity. Each piece is carefully considered, and only added to the collection if it is deemed "one-of-a-kind".

Feel free to contact us at any time at: hello@TheElegantNomad.com