Shipping & Returns:

We ship our large rugs using UPS within 5-10 business days of purchase. If the rug requires professional cleaning, this may add up to 10 business days and we will inform you via email. Smaller items are shipped within 5-10 business days via UPS or USPS. 

We do ship internationally! Buyer is responsible for any duties, taxes and fees of country of destination.

We are a boutique shop who pride ourselves on offering hand selected batches of high quality pieces.  Due to the nature of our business and unique inventory, all sales are final. If you have any questions please email us at

Vintage and Authentic:

Our rugs are all hand-selected from their country of origin. These are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces; many of which are several decades old. Most of these rugs were not initially woven for sale, but to be used in the home for generations.

Our inventory consists of handmade vintage artifacts, many of which have lived a life prior to purchase. Edges that aren't straight, natural fading and small repairs are typical characteristics, while additional imperfections and wear patterns may be evident. We believe these visual elements only enhance their story of being truly unique treasures. They have stood the test of time. These items are stunning artistic masterpieces for the home.


Rug Sizes:

Many Moroccan rugs are sized differently than standard American area rugs. They are hand woven on looms which are limited in width, and created for the unique architecture of Morocco. Grouping furniture around your rug, or layering it over a larger, more neutral base rug are a couple strategies to introduce a Moroccan piece into your decor.

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Rug Materials:

Our rugs are all composed of natural fibers. Most of our pieces are woven with 100% live wool, while some incorporate elements of cotton, torn cloth (Azilal) and goat hair. This latter material is much less common, and specifically used by tribes in southern regions near the Sahara Desert.

Rug Care and Maintenance:

To elongate the life of a rug, we recommend several things. 
1) Purchase and use a rug pad.
2) Routinely vacuum (depending on usage); use suction vacuum in a V motion to minimize agitation of natural fibers.
3) If spilled upon, spot clean immediately. If treatment with cleaning aid is necessary, test a small portion of a corner first.
4) Professionally clean as necessary.
5) Rotate rug once or twice a year to balance sun exposure and traffic patterns. 

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Trade Discount:

We do offer a trade discount on our products! Email us at for more information. We require proof of your professional standing through a business license and website.