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I clearly have a passion for Moroccan rugs, I always have. Ever since design school I have been intrigued by the colors and patterns of them, and could never find something similar in retail stores. 

This search (in addition to the stunning architecture) is what prompted my first trip to Morocco with my husband, Matt.

When we arrived to Morocco the hunt began. I knew I wanted to buy a rug... and yet we returned home with 5! We had no space to put them in our 1 bedroom apartment, but I couldn't help myself. We both experienced so much enjoyment during that first search that we knew we had to repeat it. Why not try sourcing some of the pieces I loved and see if my design clients and friends were interested? Why not simply try to open a small online shop?

A few years and several hundred rugs later the excitement and enjoyment is still plentiful. We love finding (and now designing) these amazing, unique rugs. They are so stunning, but we often receive questions on how to style them. 

So here's a few tips...


1) Layer it!

This is the most simple but often overlooked tip, and works well for many different home styles. Moroccan vintage rugs are usually only 7 feet wide at most, which is tricky when working with typical US living and family rooms. Providing a large base layer can help frame the room and make the vintage rug stand out. The images below are some examples:

To layer, I would recommend a neutral jute rug from either Pottery Barn, West Elm, or Amazon.

For a more exotic look (like the second two images above), you may consider using a Tuareg mat. These are handwoven mats from Mauritania, Africa and can be very expensive. That being said, the result can be simply stunning! Email me if you are interested in sourcing one.

2) EMBRACE the smaller size of a vintage rug and design around it!

Yes, I know...design around it??? Yes. We in the US are so used to 8x10 rugs that it can be difficult to wrap our brains around this concept. Let's take a look at some visuals to best understand.


The below image shows the couch legs on the rug, as the previous ones showed with the legs off. Both are fantastic options and depend on the actual rug.


How amazing are all these?? So now can we get on board with this tip?


3) Use more than one rug, or offset them.

Calling all creatives. This is where you can have some fun. Focus on either using 2 similar rugs (in color or pattern) and placing them in close proximity to make a larger "whole". Or be daring with a mix and match of smaller rugs. Maybe the colors complement your art or decor.

Examples below...


Multiple different rugs and seating areas in the same room:


4) Use Moroccan rugs in different and unique rooms - not just the living room

This one is a less obvious but very important point when it comes to Moroccan rug styling. People will often see the rugs and only think living room, but due to their size they can work in a variety of spaces, and truly give life to rooms that need a pop! Below are some of my favorite examples:

Think entry way if you have a large room:

Or in the perfect office setting:


The bedroom of course:

Perfect for a dining space:




5) Get a larger, new Moroccan rug or order custom from our shop.

There are still rugs being made by Berber tribes in Morocco. We work with some of the tribes to create larger rugs that fit more traditional western spaces. These pieces are gorgeous, but can be pricey due to the size and the time it takes to weave them. But sometimes this is the right solution for your space.

Email me for details on how to have a custom handwoven rug created. Below are some images of the new larger rugs:




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