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Purchasing an heirloom rug that will be treasured for generations should be done with peace of mind.

Rug Sizes

Our modern and made-to-order rugs are available in a variety of sizes (details here.) 

Many of our curated vintage Moroccan rugs are sized differently than standard American area rugs (often more narrow) due to them being hand woven on looms which are limited in width, and created for the unique architecture of Morocco.

Grouping furniture around your rug, or layering it over a larger, neutral base rug are ways to introduce a Moroccan piece into your decor.

Rug Materials

Our rugs are all composed of natural fibers and are woven with 100% live wool.

Please refer to the description of each rug for the fiber content.

Why Handwoven?

For centuries, Berber tribes have been weaving some of the most magnificent rugs the world has seen. We are connecting you with these beautiful people by bringing their masterpieces to our shop.

Every rug, whether a vintage heirloom piece, or a newly woven masterpiece, is hand-woven in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. This means that every rug is unique in size and design style. Each is beautiful and include design elements tied to classic Berber style traditions.

Vintage Rugs

Our vintage rugs are one-of-a-kind, they are not "perfect," and often have usage marks you’d expect from a vintage piece. They are stunning pieces with a rich history and are beautiful in any decor.


We ship our large rugs using UPS within 5-10 business days of purchase. See our return policy here.

We do ship internationally. Buyer is responsible for any duties, taxes and fees of country of destination. If you have any questions please email us at hello@TheElegantNomad.com

How long will it take?

Our in-stock rugs ship outwithin 7 days of ordering. Made-to-order rugs can take 2-3 months to weave, as it is done by hand, based on size and style.