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Leather-bound Japanese Fan

*Stand sold seperately


IN LOVE with this modern, sexy take on the traditional fan.

Black leather? Yes!

Black tassels? Yes please!


The Japanese fan is a gorgeous invention. So simple, elegant, and useable!

Perfect for placing in that empty/boring corner or (shocker) as a way to dry off the sweat.


Who knew? Originally invented for use in rituals and as a way to communicate, the Japanese fan was not primarily used for cooling off until the 1700’s or 1800’s.

Appearing between the 6th and 8th century, the folding fan has evolved through the times. In tea ceremonies, as a tool to share poems, and as holiday gifts, these little beauties have seen quite the range of roles in history.

The makers of this particular Fan have been crafting these lovelies for almost 2 centuries.


*To open; Use one hand to hold the bottom of the “sticks” (below the pivot point) and then other to hold the “sticks” right below the fan material. Turn gently and carefully unfold.

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